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GN151 power tiller /walking tractor

Product Model:GN151

Detailed Product Description
Application scope: plain, mountainous area, hills of small grades, paddy field, and dry land.     
Function: ploughing, rotary tilling, harrowing, reaping , seeding , spraying , pumping, threshing, and etc.       
1、Solid type gearbox applied, conpact, delicate.       
2、Girder is of rectangle pipe structure and it is equipped with double-share plow and rotary cultivator, which are easy and comfortable to operate.       
3、The 24--blade rotary cultivator of 680mm width gives better tilling width and smashing performance.       
4、Minitype sugar cane machine can be equipped to shell leaves, fertilize, earth up and reap.       
5、The only product that passed the test of “100000 times of bumping” by National Tractor Quality Testing Center.       
Major technical specification  
1、Overall dimensions(mm)(length×width×height): 2900×980×1350   
2、 Constructional weight of tractor(kg): GN91 : 360 GN111: 380   
3、 Wheel tread(mm) :570、630、690、750、810: 864、924、984、1044、1104   
4、 Diesel engine : GN91 : S195 (8.8kW) GN111 : S1100(11.03kW)   
   ploughing (m2 /h):  1500-2500  
   Rotary tilling (m2/h):  2000-3500  
   Transportation (t.km/h):  14-24  

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